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About Our Association

The association's journal STUDIES IN TRANSNATIONAL AFRICA AND AJAPAN is in its second volume. It accepts and publishes papers and essays annually.

  • Juxtaposing African and Japanese Studies
  • Organising Specialized Workshops
  • Advancing Professional Communities
  • Promoting International Relations
Our History

AAJS being the first African Association for Japanese Studies in Africa is structured to encourage the formation of regional and national associations of Japanese studies, establishing organisations in Africa as well as Japan among other spaces where the contexts are possible.

Over 10 African Countries

The Association, within this ambience, aims to provide a veritable platform for these groups to harness the available resources in Africa and Japan while leveraging on their synergized operations. AAJS’ membership presents quantifiable value through multiplied access to academic and professional development, opportunities for networking, visibility and diverse initiatives.

Our Goal

Our association focuses on Japanese Studies as an academic discipline and field of research. Within several contexts, the association comparatively juxtaposes African and Japanese Studies promoting and engaging in interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary studies in the Social Science and the Humanities (SSH) as well as Science, Technology and Medicine (STM).