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Through Specialized Workshops, Colloquiums and Interactive Sessions, African Association for Japanese Studies (AAJS) re-ignites Japanese Studies in Africa!

What We Do

Our Mission is to create academic and professional communities that provide and share knowledge with globalization in view.

Our Mission

Our Objective is to contribute to the progress and furtherance of Japanese studies in Africa that will necessarily unify Africa, while promoting international relations.

From the President's Desk

Dear colleagues and friends of AAJS, It is a great honour for me being the pioneer president of AAJS to introduce our activities and programs to you.

Apart from the vision, aims and objectives, AAJS being the first African Association for Japanese Studies in Africa is structured to encourage the formation of regional and national associations of Japanese studies, establishing organisations in Africa as well as Japan among other spaces where the contexts are possible. AAJS also seeks to invest in the formation of specific discipline centered subgroups, with particular interest in cultural, educational, anthropological, technological and economic matters. The Association, within this ambience, aims to provide a veritable platform for groups to harness the available resources in Africa and Japan while leveraging on their synergized operations. AAJS membership presents quantifiable value through multiplied access to academic and professional development, opportunities for networking, visibility and diverse initiatives.

AAJS enjoys partnership of its host institution, the University of Ibadan along with partnering institutions like Lead City University, and other supporting agencies. Thrice, the Embassy of Japan in Nigeria has participated in the Annual conferences geared towards the actualization of AAJS set goals in education, commerce, sociocultural and technological advancements. For more information or further inquiries on the activities of the association, please follow us on our social media channels or reach out to us on the contact page.

Dr. Adedoyin Aguoru

Thank You

5th Annual International Conference On Japanese Studies In Africa

THEME: Africa and Japan in the Quest for a New World Order

Date: October 3rd - 7th, 2022.
Convener: Dr Adedoyin A. Aguoru, Department of English University of Ibadan.









Hear what our members have to say

Thanks to AAJS family! Let's continue our discussions, maybe with focus on the questions earlier discussed.
Question 1: Where do we see Africa in global narratives on Covid-19, with Nigeria in perspective?
Question 2: How have African narratives on Covid-19 been shaped by external (imperial) forces, either intellectually, economically, politically or technologically? Support your view with relevant illustrations..

Question 3 How can African knowledge production system be engaged as a soft power , may be to better reposition the black race and drive a new identity frame, using the Covid-19 context?.

Ogungbemi Temitope

Fulbright Scholar, University of Pennsylvania

Question 4 Soft power is political. How haven the political elites in Nigeria deployed Covid-19 as populist rhetoric to manipulate the masses?

Question 5 Soft power is about economy. Can we critique Donald Trump's allegations on lack of transparency against China and WHO? In either way, where is Africa in the contest of power?

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5th Annual Conference
Oct. 3-7, 2022

Annual International Conference On Japanese Studies In Africa.

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5th Annual Conference

Annual International Conference On Japanese Studies In Africa.

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